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Learn and Practice Morse Code
Version 0.21 · December 15, 2008

MorseRabbit is a small utility designed to help you learn to tap and understand Morse Code.

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How it Works

MorseRabbit has two training modes, each with 5 levels of difficulty:

  • Normal Mode: You are provided with a morse code sequence (both the visual and audible representation) and are expected to type in the correct word in time.
  • Reverse Mode: You are provided with an alphabetic sequence or a word, and are expected to tap the corresponding morse code.

After you master the 5 training levels, you can continue your morse education with these lessons:

  • Lesson 6 - Words
    This lesson uses dictionary words instead of random letters.
  • Lessons 7 and above
    In these lessons you practice aspects of morse code that are beyond just knowing the alphabet. You can practice Prosigns (like the well known SOS), abbreviations and Q-Codes.


MorseRabbit requires no installation.
If you have downloaded the compiled version, extract the ZIP archive to a new folder and run the MorseRabbit executable.

To uninstall, delete all files.


If you want to Tap a morse sequence to see what word it generates:

  • Stop the training if it is running.
  • Start tapping the Spacebar.
  • You may adjust the speed slider, to tell MorseRabbit how to listen to your taps.

If you want to Practice in understanding morse code:

  • Make sure the Reverse Training checkbox is clear.
  • Select a difficulty level.
  • Press the Start button.
  • Now, type the letters representing the morse code you hear.

If you want to Practice morse code tapping:

  • Make sure the Reverse Training checkbox is checked.
  • Select a difficulty level.
  • Press the Start button.
  • Now, use the spacebar to tap the morse code for the letter. Short press for a DIT, long press for a DAH.
  • Pressing backspace, left arrow or delete, will mark the word as failed.

Support MorseRabbit

If you like MorseRabbit, you may support its development by donating via PayPal.

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