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Gondl Command Line for Quandl

Command Line Interface for Quandl
Version 0.2.0 · December 13, 2014

Gondl is a command line interface for Quandl.

Download stock data, financial data and any other data supported by Quandl to a CSV or JSON file.

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Gondl provides command line access to the Quandl API.


  • Get data for a symbol
  • Get a list of symbols in a data source
  • Search the entire Quandl database
  • Shows/saves JSON, CSV or XML
  • Built in local file cache


Get data for Apple stock:

gondl get WIKI/AAPL

Get 3 rows of data as JSON, and use an API Key:

gondl get WIKI/AAPL -r3 -fjson -kYOUR_KEY

Save data as XML to a file:

gondl get WIKI/CSCO -fxml -oOutFile.txt --rows 10

Get a list of symbols in a source:

gondl list WIKI --page 1 --per_page 10

Get search results:

gondl search "crude oil" --page 1 --per_page 10


gondl --help | -h
gondl --version | -v
gondl --config [options]
gondl --make-config
gondl get <symbol> [options]
gondl list <source> [options]
gondl search <query> [options]

Support Gondl

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