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FeedRoller RSS Ticker

A Lightweight RSS Feed Ticker
Version 0.65 · March 19, 2013

FeedRoller is a lightweight RSS feed ticker.

It is designed to show scrolling headlines from your favorite news sites and blogs, directly on your desktop.

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  • Supports RSS, and Atom feed format.
  • Shows news title, summary, age and source.
  • Customizable interface.
  • May be "pinned" to the desktop (always visible) or automatically hide when the computer is in use.
  • May be set to automatically hide when in full screen applications (games, movies etc.)
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts to pause the scrolling, pin the ticker, visit the news item and more.
  • Can import and export feeds from other feed readers (using OPML).
  • Supports subscribing to feeds directly from Firefox.
  • Portable.

Support FeedRoller

If you like FeedRoller, you may support its development by donating via PayPal.

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